Print Pro Print Pro Modules
Print Pro I & II

The FlexMail Print Pro modules provide support for print controllers and print heads that are not driven through a normal windows printer driver.

Print Pro I

The Print Pro I module supports the following print heads:

  • Lexmark Mustang Industrial Inkjet Printer.

NOTE: From August 2013, Print Print Pro I is no longer required to drive the XiJet NP45 for HP cartridges, XiJet LX for Lexmark cartridges or the Inc.Jet print heads. Support for these heads is now standard in all editions of FlexMail.

Print Pro II

The Print Pro II module supports the following print heads:

  • Meteor – a universal print controller designed for industrial applications. Meteor drives most leading inkjet printheads and other types of digital array.
  • XiJet KM4 for controlling print units with Koninca Minolta print heads.


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