Basic Advanced Professional
Input files
Open database files of any size in Access, Excel (Office 2010 - 2019), Text (csv, tab), Xml, Html, Txt, dBase format and any other over an ODBC connection
Open multi-page PDF files "as database"
Generate counters / (sequential) numbering
Generate dates and times in any format
Generate contents for postal barcodes and indicia
Define functions in Visual Basic .NET
Use/add look-up tables for translations and file look-up
Get data from PDF documents
Data manipulation
Sort and filter records on any data field. Define re-usable queries.
Convert databases from and to any supported format
Find and remove duplicate records on any combination of fields
Merge multiple databases into one single database
Purge records from a database that exist in another
Page size up to 100 inch/250 cm.
Design labels for use on label sheets.
Import page background
Duplex layouts (designing & printing 2 layouts per record)
Variable sized layouts (e.g. letter and envelope))
Define and print multiple (conditional) layouts
Text in any font, size, color, rotation
Over 80 different barcodes (1D, 2D and postal)
Postal indicia (e.g. Premium address and PPI’s for many countries)
Import images in bmp, gif, jpg/jpeg, png,, tif/tiff, wmf/emf, and PDF format
Variable images based on other (conditional) data
Color adjustment features to correct colors of images
Print to PDF
Print simultaneously on multiple printers
Define print pauses based on any data field
Purge print heads before printing
Keep-alive function to avoid drying out of nozzles
Create print proof in pdf-format
Calculate print costs (estimate and real)
Printer Support
Print to any windows supported printer, Specialty HP2
Inc.jet, XiJet
Specialty iM2, iM4
Create read-and-print and print-and-verify scripts
Create scripts that control the print process
Create scripts that are linked to control the mail table
Add custom controls to the print bar
Add-on modules
USPS® mail processing
USPS® Certified Mail