Release of FlexMail 4.3 and FlexStream 1.3

05 Nov 2018

Flex Systems has released the new versions of both FlexMail and FlexStream today. They are both available on our website for download now!

FlexMail 4.3 and FlexStream 1.3 are brought up-to-date with the most recent technologies and have some new features based on the feedback of users and dealers. Next to incorporating all additions made since the introduction of the x.2 versions, the most important improvements are:

  • A new database engine that will be able to read the latest Excel files next to the current databases.
  • An updated pdf engine that will be faster, read almost any pdf file, and will produce smaller pdf output files.
  • The implementation of the ink cost calculator in FlexMail that can be used to estimate ink costs for inkjet printers.
  • Pdf output files in FlexStream may be split on any condition (e.g to create separate files per set size).
  • Support for the new Specialty iM2 UV curable inkjet printer. We will provide you with more extensive information about this interesting new printer soon, but if you want details now, please let me know.
  • Additional USPS presort functions including support for the USPS ® EDDM ® (Every Door Direct Mail) mail service (free for all subscriptions types) and new address hygiene options like apartment append, phone append and geocoding (at an additional charge).

The new versions will also give us a solid base for futher developments and improvements that we are planning for the near future.

All users that have maintenance on the software will be eligible for a free upgrade to the new versions. In addition, all new licenses issued since September 1st may be upgraded for free to the new versions. Please note that in order to upgrade to FlexMail 4.3 or FlexStream 1.3, the software needs to be downloaded from the web site and be reinstalled. The new versions can be installed next to the old versions and will automatically be licensed if the user is entitled to a free upgrade (and has internet connection).

Flex Systems European Offices have moved

30 Oct 2018

Flex Systems has completed the move of the Dutch office to its new location and with that the integration of Flex Systems with the manufacturing of the Specialty inkjet products. Combining the operations and being able to offer all our products from a single location will enable us to offer better service to all our customers.

The new offices are very conveniently located for our international customer base at the business park of Rotterdam The Hague Airport north of Rotterdam. Our new address and phone numbers is:

Flex Systems B.V.
Lutonbaan 2
3045 AZ Rotterdam
T +31 (0)88 – 3400 100

Please note that our phone numbers have changed too and our old numbers will no longer be operational! The new direct numbers are:

Lilian Tiethof: +31 (0)88 – 3400 110
Kees-Jan Adriaansen: +31 (0)88 – 3400 120
Ron J. Van Beek: +31 (0)88 – 3400 130

FlexVision Mailing Applications

16 Feb 2018

Flex Systems recently introduced a new version of the FlexVision barcode reading and verifying system. With its new high speed I/O controller and high-resolution barcode cameras, FlexVision is an ideal solution for applications like:

  • Read-and-print Read a barcode, look up the address or any additional data in a database and print the information. Fast random searches are supported.
  • Closed-loop processing Monitor mail piece printing or inserting and enable easy reconciliation of faulty or missing mail pieces.
  • Matching Match documents that are collated from different stations on inserters (including swing-arm-inserters) or other production lines and make sure the items match.
  • In-line barcode grading In-line barcode grading according to several ISO/IEC standards to ensure that printed barcodes meet the (postal) specifications. Includes verification of 4-State and Datamatrix barcodes.
  • Image capture Capture and index images of documents or envelopes for archiving and as proof that the item was handled correctly..

The seamless integration with FlexMail and FlexStream makes the system very easy to install and set-up. On top of this, FlexVision is very affordable.

All information about the new FlexVision system can be found here.

FlexVision Just Got Better

16 Feb 2018

Flex Systems is happy to introduce the newest version of our FlexVision barcode reading and verifying system. Based on customer and dealer requests we have updated the system to allow for even faster and more flexible processing.

  • New, higher resolution barcode cameras allowing to read smaller barcodes in larger areas.
  • A new, high speed controller processor connected over Gigabit Ethernet to the PC or network.
  • Support for up to 3 high speed encoders for document tracking over multiple transports.
  • 7 digital (relay) outputs enable you to control the machine (e.g. start/stop) and any other hardware like diverters, stackers, batch kickers etc.
  • Updated FlexMail and FlexStream controller software for easy setup and processing.
  • Support for in-line barcode grading and verification of the IMB.

FlexVision is a first choice solution for applications like read-and-print, closed-loop processing, matching, in-line barcode grading and verification, and image capure. The seamless integration with FlexMail and FlexStream makes the system very easy to install and set-up. On top of this, FlexVision is very affordable.

All information about the new FlexVision system can be found here.

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