Job Opportunities at Flex Systems

20 Jul 2016

Flex Systems is a leading provider of mail and print solutions. Founded in 1993 in the Netherlands, Flex Systems is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the demanding requirements of companies producing or processing mail using any type of database, printer or inserter. Flex Systems develops software to manage mailing lists, design and print mail, and process documents. Flex Systems' sister company, Specialty Equipment Services, offers a complete line of Inkjet printing products.

Our company is growing - we recently opened new offices in the US and Germany are now looking to expand our team in all our locations. We currently have the following job opportunities:

We are offering a challenging job with interesting career opportunities in a growing and informal organization. For more information about these jobs, click on the link. We are looking forward to receive any applications.

Summer Holidays

30 Jun 2016
During the summer holidays we might not be able to take your call. Be sure to leave us a message at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

"Happy Holidays" - Flex Systems Team
FlexMail 4.2 and FlexStream 1.2 release

23 Nov 2015

Flex Systems released the new FlexMail 4.2 and FlexStream 1.2 versions. Some important new features of FlexMail 4.2 and FlexStream 1.2 are:

  • FlexMail and FlexStream have been updated to use the newest technology. The user interface has been updated to the latest MS Office user interface, there are true 64 bit versions available, and the programs run on Windows 10.
  • FlexMail 4.2 has extended functionality to print multiple pages per record in the linked database. This can be used to switch between layouts and/or conditionally print one or more pages and enables the user to print documents with matching envelopes. All objects on a design can be made conditional.
  • The list of supported printers by FlexMail has been extended with support for the Inc.Jet printers and the printers introduced by our sister company Specialty Equipment Services: the HP2 and UV based RG5 printer (for more information see
  • FlexStream 1.2 offers an improved interface to define processing settings, offers batch processing so users can run projects unattended, and supports printing of envelopes with each set. This feature also supports the RISO Wrapping Envelope Finisher.
  • The USPS postal module that fits to both FlexMail and FlexStream has been updated to support BPM (Bounded Printed Matter). Support for Periodicals will be added soon to this version.

For a full description of all new features in these versions, please see the release notes and the installations of both FlexMail 4.2 and FlexStream 1.2 are now also available for download here.

If you want to test the new versions of the software and see the new features for yourself, you can do so by downloading the installation here.

GraphExpo 2015

07 Sep 2015

Graph Expo 2015 During the upcoming Graph Expo next week, Flex Systems will be exhibiting together with its new sister company Specialty Equipment Services at booth 2060.

Flex Systems will show the new versions of its software: FlexMail 4.2 and FlexStrem 1.2. Both redesigned to be compatible with the latest technology and Windows 10 and both extended with interesting new features.

Specialty Equipment Services introduces its new line of inkjet products including a low cost HP based print system, an affordable UV system, high quality vacuum transport bases, feeders, tabbers and conveyors.

We hope you will be visiting and will have time to stop by at booth 2060. If you want to schedule a meeting or a demonstration feel free to call me at (803) 388 8010 or send an email to

Hope to see you there.

Introducing Specialty Equipment Services

25 Aug 2015

We are proud to present Flex Systems' new sister company, Specialty Equipment Services. Where Flex Systems focusses on the development of Variable Data Printing and Document processing software with FlexMail and FlexStream, Specialty Equipment Services offers a complete line of inkjet equipment. Both companies will operate and service you from our new offices in Columbia, SC.

Specialty logoSpecialty will offer two different types of inkjet heads: A low cost, easy to operate HP based print system as well as an affordable, high quality UV based system to print at almost any substrate. In our German based facilities we build high quality vacuum transport bases, feeders and conveyors. Specialty also represents the well-known lines of Ameritek tabbers and the StraightShooter feeders.

Specialty's products are of an exceptional quality at fair prices.  The systems are affordable but do not compromise flexibility or reliability. The products are easy to install, operate and maintain.

The full product line will be shown at the Graph Expo in Chicago, September 13 - 16, at our booth 2060.  You can already take a look at our products at

Flex Systems, Inc. has a new home!!

24 Aug 2015

Flex Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that we have moved into our new North American Headquarters. After ending the cooperation with Postmark last year, we now relocated our business to Columbia, South Carolina. To further improve our services, the new facility will also house a technical & training center where we will be hosting training seminars for our dealers.

Below you will find the mailing and physical addresses that we would ask you to begin to use immediately.

AIMED Las VegasPhysical Address:
Flex Systems Inc.
714 Betsy Drive
Columbia, SC 29210

Mailing Address: 
Flex Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 21612
Columbia, SC 29221-1612

AIMED conference Las Vegas

05 Apr 2014

With FlexMail, FlexStream and FlexVision, Flex Systems offers new products on the US market that can help dealers sell their mailing and printing equipment and reduce after sales support.

Flex Systems’ products are designed in a way that dealers and end users can easily set up and maintain their own jobs. You do not have to bring in ‘Professional Services’ from the manufacturer and hand over your customers. You stay in control !

On top of that, Flex Systems has introduced internet based USPS Mail processing and Secure & Tracked email services. These subscription based services offer dealers stable, long term revenue with Flex Systems’ dealer centric business model.

AIMED Las VegasWe will be at the AIMED conference in Las Vegas to explain the products, services, and how your organization can benefit from Flex Systems’ unique business model.

  • Thursday 24 April, 12.00 –3.30pm:
    Vendor Showcase
  • Friday 25 April, 12.00 –1.30pm: Lunch and Learn Session

If you want to talk to us outside these events, please contact us at 805-888-0014 or to schedule a time that works for you.

End of support for Windows XP

11 Mar 2014

In 2002 Microsoft introduced its Support Lifecycle policy to have more transparency and predictability of support for Microsoft products. As per this policy, Microsoft Business and Developer products, including Windows and Office products, receive a minimum of 10 years of support (5 years Mainstream Support and 5 years Extended Support), at the supported service pack level.

Thus, Windows XP SP3 will go out of support on April 8, 2014. After this date, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates.

Flex Systems follows Microsoft's lyfcycle policy for the operation systems on which FlexMail and FlexStream are supported. We will therefore stop support for new installs of our products on Windows XP per the same date. After April 8, 2014 installations on the following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)
  • Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
  • Windows 8 (including 8.1)

FlexMail and FlexStream will continue to run
Even if you are running Flex Systems products on an unsupported version of Windows, FlexMail and FlexStream will continue to start and run as usual.

Secure and Tracked email in FlexStream

21 Aug 2013

Flex Systems has added a new way of sending email to FlexStream: Secure and Tracked email.Where conventional email is just like sending a postcard û anybody could potentially read it along its delivery path from the sender to intended recipient - FlexStream now offers a robust secure and tracked email service for sensitive business documents.

FlexStream makes it easy to select the documents to be emailed, send the emails with the confidence that they will reach their intended recipients without passing into the wrong hands, and offers extensive tracking, audit, and follow-up functionality. Documents are encrypted and date and time of sending, delivery and opening of the documents is recorded.

Next to the obvious savings on material, production and postage, the advantages of using the secure and tracked email service of FlexStream are that the user does not have to have its own email server, does not have to change the exiting workflow and is therefore extremely easy to implement and use.

The service will be released and available to end users in September. Flex Systems will be demonstrating Secure and tracked email at Print 13 in September. For more documentation and a video that shows the capabilities click here.

Flex Systems announces FlexVision

08 Aug 2013

Flex Systems will have several new product launches at Print 13 in Chicago this year and one of them will be our first hardware offering ever, FlexVision. This latest product from Flex Systems is the culmination of several years of development and testing that will offer dealers and end users a simple to setup and use solution for read-and-print, print verification, and production control in FlexMail and FlexStream.

FlexVisionThe thought behind the FlexVision product is to produce a solution that is easily deployed on addressing systems and folder inserters alike. Built on proven camera technology, FlexVision is a plug and play solution for read-and-print, print verification, and production control applications. No longer will you have to blend different software packages running on separate computers to get a vision system to work. FlexVision is designed to work with FlexMail and FlexStream without the need for an additional PC to speed up implementation time and cut down on issues caused by having to integrate several different solutions. All at a very affordable price level.

During Print 13 Flex Systems will be demonstrating FlexVision in booth #5118.

Join Us in Chicago for Print 13

22 Jul 2013

As a mailing equipment dealer you are always looking for ways to increase your market share as well as your bottom line and Flex Systems has the products and applications to do just that.

On the PRINT 13 in Chicago we will have some exciting announcements and product introductions. Next to FlexMail, we will demonstrate the new secure and tracked email service in FlexStream and show our newest product, FlexVision: a read and print or print and verify system designed for simplicity of setup and operation with FlexMail or FlexStream at a very affordable price.

Print 13We invite you to click the logo at the right to be forwarded to the registration system of PRINT 13 and join us in Chicago. By following this link you will be given free admission to the exhibit hall for the entire 5 days of the expo. Remember to add us to your MyShowPlanner and stop by to see demonstrations of FlexMail, FlexStream and FlexVision.

You can also contact us at 805-888-0014 or to schedule your individual, consultative appointment with Ron, Jamie or Mort!

USPS Mail processing in FlexStream

08 Apr 2013

FlexStreamÖ opens up a new market for document processing with an affordable, easy to implement solution that now also includes USPS Mail processing.

Print ProLast year Flex SystemsÖ introduced FlexStreamÖ, an easy to use and affordable document processing software solution. Since FlexStreamÖ was built from the ground up, focusing specifically on document processing organizations can affordably implement a solution without the need for a systems integrator. Adding scan codes (OMR, 1-D, 2-D), variable text and graphics to existing documents is easy with the modern user interface that incorporates ribbons, tooltips, context sensitive help, and wizards for more complex tasks. Changes to the system can be made on the fly, in house.

Now fully integrated in FlexStreamÖ, the USPS mail processing module allows organizations access to a complete host of address hygiene and presort capabilities, powered by TEC Mailing Solutions; the market leader in hosted mailing solutions. These services are available on a subscription basis or can be used as needed, pay-as-you-go. There is no need to install, maintain and integrate third party mailing applications; simply turn these features on as needed.

For more information, a short video, or to download a test version click here. If you require more information, please call us at 805-888-0014 or email to arrange your own personal demonstration!

Inkjet printing improvements

04 Apr 2013

Flex Systems is continuously working on the best possible printer support for maximum quality and speed. Recently we have added two features that we would like to bring to your attention:

  • Print ProSome black & white inkjet printers have a problem in printing color images. Color images are converted in a way that result in a rather æroughÆ image being printed.

    To improve the printed output, you can now convert color images in the FlexMail designer to grayscale. This feature can be found on the Picture ribbon under Image control while the image is selected.

  • Printing barcodes on inkjet printers, and especially 2-D barcodes, does not always give the required quality, mainly because of ink spread.

    To solve this problem, we have added a new property for all barcodes that enables you to specify a reduction of the resolution by 25, 33 or 50 percent compared to the set printer resolution, causing less ink to be used. Although hardly seen by the eye, this has a positive effect on the quality of the printed barcode, next to the savings on ink costs. We have seen printed barcode ratings improved from a ôDö rating to an ôAö just by using this feature within FlexMail.

AIMED conference New Orleans

26 Mar 2013

Flex Systems is looking to expand our its dealer network within the US. As a ôdealer centricö organization we realize we canÆt grow our business without helping mailing equipment dealers to grow theirs. Flex Systems never sells its products directly to end users and therefore it is important to locate and develop relationships with dealerships across the US that have the desire to expand their product offering with exciting applications for the mailing industry.

Print ProDuring our visit to the AIMED conference we will be providing private demonstrations of FlexMail, our variable data printing software, FlexStream, our document enhancement solution and our newest USPS Mail Processing module that is available in both of these products. In conjunction with these demonstrations we would like to have some one on one meetings with dealers to discuss Flex Systems long term goals for the US mailing software industry and how we can bring value to your dealership.

We understand that dealers are struggling with software vendors circumventing the dealer network model and selling their products directly to the end user. This has never been the practice of Flex Systems and never will be. It is our belief that a strong dealer network brings long term value to our product line and therefore our dealers should be protected.

We are reserving all day on Friday, April 26th for these meetings and demonstrations. Please contact us at 805-888-0014 or to schedule a time that works for you. We estimate that the meeting will take no more than 35 û 40 minutes of your time but will be well worth it.

National Postal Forum 2013 – San Francisco

19 Feb 2013

Flex Systems will be at National Postal Forum (March 17-20, 2013) and so should you. We are inviting you to come and see the exciting new offerings from Flex Systems and weÆre paying youÆre entry fee into the exhibit hall. Here is a registration form for the NPF 2013 and if registering for exhibits only weÆll pick up the tab.

Print ProFlex Systems has recently introduced the USPS Mail Processing module for FlexMail and would like for you to stop by our booth # 224 for a demonstration. This is a very exciting feature to be added to the FlexMail Variable Data Printing software suite as it combines the industryÆs smartest and most intuitive variable data printing software with TEC Mailings cloud based USPS mail list hygiene and presort products.

Along with FlexMail, Flex Systems also sells FlexStream document enhancement software. FlexStream is a document processing solution, unmatched in its versatility and performance. FlexStream lets you add scan codes (OMR,1-D and 2-D) to your documents to be used by your inserter and manipulate and enhance the contents of your mailing. On the show we will also show the new integration of the USPS Mail Processing module into FlexStream. Before inserting, documents can now be optimized for USPS postage as well!

Again, here you will find a form for complementary admission to the exhibit floor at the National Postal Forum and come visit Flex Systems in booth # 224.

We look forward to seeing you at the National Postal Forum in San Francisco March 17-20.

Flex Systems releases USPS Mail Processing module

12 Feb 2013

Flex Systems has officially released the USPS Mail processing module for FlexMail. With this new module, you now have FlexMail's industry standard design and print capabilitiesácombined with comprehensive address quality and mail processing features available in one single package.

uspsThe USPS Mail processing module gives you access to services such as CASS, NCOA, DSF2, Presort and more, enabling you to generate the highest possible discounts through the USPS. The module is powered by TEC Mailing Solutions, the leader in enterprise grade SaaS for address hygiene and presort solutions. The back-end CASS and Presort engines are the most robust in the industry, powered by SAP. The services are delivered on-demand, through the cloud. Processing takes place in real time, while you wait.

The services can be accessed through FlexMail without having to install additional software and data files on your computer. The interface to the service is completely integrated in FlexMail.

  • No software to load, No licensing to buy!
  • No updates to install, always up-to-date.
  • No special hardware required.

An annual subscription for the USPS module can be purchased for an additional fee, or used as needed, pay-as-you-go. This also brings the USPS discounts within reach of small or infrequent mailers.

  • Low 'Pay-as-you-go' pricing for occasional users.
  • Cost effective annual subscriptions for frequent users.
  • No Add-ons. Dedupe, Palletization, and Mail.dat included.

For more information or to download a test version click here. If you require more information, please call us at 805-888-0014 or email to arrange your own personal demonstration!

FlexMail 3 End-of-Life Notice

08 Feb 2013

Since the introduction of FlexMail 3 there have been many technology changes, new Windows platforms and changes in user interfaces. These were reasons for the release of FlexMail 4, now almost 2 years ago. Since then many of the FlexMail 3 users have been migrated to FlexMail 4.

It is therefore our intention to cease all technical support for FlexMail 3 (3.0 and 3.1 ) from June 30, 2013. The latest service pack available for FlexMail 3.1 is SP 50, which is available for download here.

FlexMail 3.1 has been superseded by FlexMail 4, which includes all the functionality of version 3, as well as numerous improvements, additional features and bug fixes. A free 30 day, fully functional trial of version 4 is available for download on our website here for your evaluation.

Users are encouraged to upgrade to FlexMail 4. FlexMail 3 users can upgrade at a special upgrade price. We have closed the upgrade path for version 2 with the introduction of FlexMail 4. Version 2 users wanting to upgrade to version 4 will need to purchase a new FlexMail 4 license at the standard price.

End of life policy
Flex Systems is committed to providing high quality, cost effective solutions to our customers. To ensure that our development resources continue to deliver the most innovative and cost-effective products to our customers, we may periodically elect to discontinue specific products or product packages. The reasons include:

  • Technical advances in computing and supported equipment may mean that maintaining an old application in an evolving environment may become cost prohibitive.
  • It may not be an effective use of development and technical support resources to commit time to older products with very low customer utilization.
  • Newer products may supersede older ones, including bug fixes and enhanced functionality.

NOTE: End of life (EOL) does not mean that the application will no longer function you may continue to run the application. EOL indicates that Flex Systems may choose not to devote resources to resolving support issues and instead suggest an upgrade path.

New US Sales Manager Flex Systems

06 Feb 2013

Jamie SpellFlex Systems is proud to announce the addition of Jamie Spell to the position of Sales Manager of Flex Systems Trading (headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA). Jamie brings with him more than two decades of management experience in the commercial printing industry. With a background in electrical engineering Jamie has been part of design teams that have developed production controls through the years.

As he has been an independent distributor for many years, he also understands what it takes to make a successful business. In other words if you need help quoting a system or understanding the hardware or software or want help in closing a sale, give him a call! Succinctly stated - he knows what it takes to make you successful and will do all in his power to see this happen!

In the coming days and months Jamie will be looking to grow and strengthen our US dealer base and would like to hear from prospective dealers that are looking for opportunities to expand their products lines. Flex Systems has a wonderful line of products for variable data printing and document processing and has recently introduced a USPS Mail Processing Module for our FlexMail 4.0 product.

For more information about the Flex Systems product line or information about becoming a dealer please contact Jamie at 805-888-0014 or He hopes to hear from you soon!

New color adjustment features

09 Jan 2013

Color printing is becoming increasingly important in the addressing market. Over the last years several machines have been introduced on the market that are able to print in color. Although colors are generally getting better, colors printed on inkjet printers are not always as they are in the design.

Print Pro

FlexMail and FlexStream now offer new functionality to help eliminating this problem by correcting the colors of images by newly added color adjustment settings. Color adjustment features include contrast and brightness, color balance, color levels, gamma correction, hue, and saturation. All focused on improving the printed colors so that they get closer to what they should look like compared to the original. Colors can be adjusted on an image basis and the settings can be saved as profiles for future use.

The color adjustment settings are an easy to use, cost effective solution that is available in the Advanced and Professional editions of FlexMail and FlexStream.

The new functionality can be found on the Picture Ribbon that is available when an image on a design is selected.

USPS© Mail Processing Module

26 Sep 2012

Flex Systems announces a new module to generate the highest possible discounts through the USPS, creating the industryÆs first hybrid mailing solution. The USPS Mail list processing module is powered byáTEC Mailing Solutions, innovators of enterprise grade SaaS for address hygiene and presort solutions.

Hybrid solutions are an evolutionary melding of traditional software with part of the solution leveraging cloud computing; allowing users of hybrid systems to take advantage of hosted functionality without sacrificing the usability of client side applications.

In the case of mailing applications, hybrid solutions are a match made in heaven; local software connects to on premise printer(s) while the address hygiene and presort functionality are delivered on-demand, through the cloud. Constantly changing postal requirements and software updates are no longer burdensome to the end users, reducing the cost of ownership.á

Our new USPS Mail list processing module allows for comprehensive address quality and mail processing features. The interface to the service is completely integrated in FlexMail and processing takes place in real time, while you wait as an embedded function.


  • No software to load, No licensing to buy
  • Low 'Pay-as-you-go' pricing for occasional users
  • Cost effective annual subscriptions for frequent users
  • Address Hygiene includes CASSÖ, NCOALink¬, DFS2,
  • USPS¬ PAVE (Gold) Certified presort processing, palletization, IM barcode¬
  • Produces all required USPS¬ Mailing paperwork including Mail.dat¬
Graph Expo 2012

08 Jun 2012
<img src="">
We are glad to announce that our new American office, Flex Systems Trading Inc. will have a booth at the Graph Expo 2012 in Chicago. Come visit us between 7 and 10 October at booth 4511 where we will officially introducing the Professional edition of FlexStream. WeÆll also be demonstrating our other editions and our well known FlexMail 4.0.

If you want to schedule a meeting or a demonstration feel free to mail us at
Hope to see you there.
Drupa 2012 May 3 - 16, 2012

11 Apr 2012
Flex Systems will be present at the Drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf.

Come visit us in Hall 13 at Stand B074 where weÆll be demonstrating the latest features of FlexMail 4.0 and officially introducing our new document enhancement software FlexStream

If you want to schedule a meeting or a demonstration feel free to mail us at
Royal Mail Paf 2011 Aug Released

21 Sep 2011
The Paf update of Aug 2011 is now available for FlexMail.
Graph Expo 2011 (11-14 Sep)

30 Aug 2011
Flex Systems will be at the Graph Expo 2011 where we will be demonstrating FlexMail 4.0 and FlexStream 1.0
Come visit us at booth 5220.
If you want to contact us in advance send an email to

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