• Works with any database
  • Designs with text, barcodes,
    indicia, logo's....
  • Supports any printer
  • Maximum print speeds
  • Optional USPS & Royal Mail processing
  • Document grouping
  • Scancodes for any inserter
    (OMR, 1D- and 2D-BCR)
  • Add texts, images, barcodes
  • USPS Mail processing
  • Secure and Tracked Email
  • Read-and-Print, Print Verification, Merlin Verification, Closed loop
  • Integrates with FlexMail and FlexStream
  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • No additional PC needed
  • Affordable pricing

News headlines
  • Release of FlexMail 4.3 and FlexStream 1.3
    Flex Systems has released the new versions of both FlexMail and FlexStream today. They are both available on our website for download now! . . . .
  • Flex Systems European Offices have moved
    Flex Systems has completed the move of the Dutch office to its new location and with that the integration of Flex Systems with the manufacturing of the Specialty inkjet products. . . . .
Variable Data Printing
FlexMail 4
Document Processing
Secure and Tracked Email
Reading and Verifying
USPS™ Mail Processing
USPS Mail Processing
Royal Mail Processing
Royal Mail Presort & Validation
Inkjet Equipment
Specialty Equipment Services



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