• Works with any database
  • Designs with text, barcodes,
    indicia, logo's....
  • Supports any printer
  • Maximum print speeds
  • Optional USPS & Royal Mail processing
  • Document grouping
  • Scancodes for any inserter
    (OMR, 1D- and 2D-BCR)
  • Add texts, images, barcodes
  • USPS Mail processing
  • Secure and Tracked Email
  • Read-and-Print, Print Verification, Merlin Verification, Closed loop
  • Integrates with FlexMail and FlexStream
  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • No additional PC needed
  • Affordable pricing
Variable Data Printing
FlexMail 4
Document Processing
Secure and Tracked Email
Reading and Verifying
USPS™ Mail Processing
USPS Mail Processing
Royal Mail Processing
Royal Mail Presort & Validation
Inkjet Equipment
Specialty Equipment Services



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