GraphExpo 2015

07 Sep 2015

Graph Expo 2015 During the upcoming Graph Expo next week, Flex Systems will be exhibiting together with its new sister company Specialty Equipment Services at booth 2060.

Flex Systems will show the new versions of its software: FlexMail 4.2 and FlexStrem 1.2. Both redesigned to be compatible with the latest technology and Windows 10 and both extended with interesting new features.

Specialty Equipment Services introduces its new line of inkjet products including a low cost HP based print system, an affordable UV system, high quality vacuum transport bases, feeders, tabbers and conveyors.

We hope you will be visiting and will have time to stop by at booth 2060. If you want to schedule a meeting or a demonstration feel free to call me at (803) 388 8010 or send an email to

Hope to see you there.

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