FlexVision Mailing Applications

16 Feb 2018

Flex Systems recently introduced a new version of the FlexVision barcode reading and verifying system. With its new high speed I/O controller and high-resolution barcode cameras, FlexVision is an ideal solution for applications like:

  • Read-and-print Read a barcode, look up the address or any additional data in a database and print the information. Fast random searches are supported.
  • Closed-loop processing Monitor mail piece printing or inserting and enable easy reconciliation of faulty or missing mail pieces.
  • Matching Match documents that are collated from different stations on inserters (including swing-arm-inserters) or other production lines and make sure the items match.
  • In-line barcode grading In-line barcode grading according to several ISO/IEC standards to ensure that printed barcodes meet the (postal) specifications. Includes verification of 4-State and Datamatrix barcodes.
  • Image capture Capture and index images of documents or envelopes for archiving and as proof that the item was handled correctly..

The seamless integration with FlexMail and FlexStream makes the system very easy to install and set-up. On top of this, FlexVision is very affordable.

All information about the new FlexVision system can be found here.

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