FlexVision Just Got Better

16 Feb 2018

Flex Systems is happy to introduce the newest version of our FlexVision barcode reading and verifying system. Based on customer and dealer requests we have updated the system to allow for even faster and more flexible processing.

  • New, higher resolution barcode cameras allowing to read smaller barcodes in larger areas.
  • A new, high speed controller processor connected over Gigabit Ethernet to the PC or network.
  • Support for up to 3 high speed encoders for document tracking over multiple transports.
  • 7 digital (relay) outputs enable you to control the machine (e.g. start/stop) and any other hardware like diverters, stackers, batch kickers etc.
  • Updated FlexMail and FlexStream controller software for easy setup and processing.
  • Support for in-line barcode grading and verification of the IMB.

FlexVision is a first choice solution for applications like read-and-print, closed-loop processing, matching, in-line barcode grading and verification, and image capure. The seamless integration with FlexMail and FlexStream makes the system very easy to install and set-up. On top of this, FlexVision is very affordable.

All information about the new FlexVision system can be found here.

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