HP2 JET Printer – Affordable Thermal Inkjet Solution

31 Mar 2018

Specialty introduces it's new HP2 Jet printer. The HP2 Jet printer is based on the proven Hewlett-Packard (HP) thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology and Inc.jet’s state-of-the-art electronics, creating a reliable, cost-effective and easy to operate solution for mailing and packaging needs.

The HP2 Jet printer is delivered as a turn-key system consisting of one to four print modules with cables, a heavy duty mounting bridge, and a print control box. It is an ideal solution to upgrade outdated printing equipment or it can be supplied as part of a new inkjet system on a transport base.

    HP2 Jet printer
  • 2” print width per print module, expandable to 4 modules (8”). Heavy duty print bridge for one or two print heads with tiltable head mounting for easy cleaning of cartridges.
  • Print control box supports 4 heads over fast and reliable TCP/IP connections. Connectors for encoder, sensor and light/alarm tower and up to 4 relay outputs to control other equipment.
  • The HP2 Jet printer is fully supported by the industry leading FlexMail software. Next to its unmatched design and printing capabilities, FlexMail supports setup and maintenance of the system.

Next to the HP2 Jet printer, Specialty offers a complete line of mailing equipment including a UV based print system, vacuum transport bases, (shuttle) feeders, conveyors, tabbers etc. Specialty's products are of an exceptional quality at fair prices. The systems are affordable but do not compromise flexibility or reliability. The products are easy to install, operate and maintain.

All information about the new HP2 Jet printer system can be found here.

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