New FlexMail and FlexStream versions

28 Aug 2018

Flex Systems announces the release of new versions of both FlexMail and FlexStream on October 1st.

FlexMail 4.3 and FlexStream 1.3 wil be updated to meet the most recent technologies and will have somenew features based on the feedback of users and dealers. Next to incorporating all additions made sincethe introduction of the x.2 versions, the most important improvements are:

  • A new database engine that will be able to read the latest Excel files next to the current databases.
  • An updated pdf engine that will be faster, read almost any pdf file, and will produce smaller pdfoutput files.
  • The implementation of the ink cost calculator in FlexMail that can be used to estimate ink costsfor inkjet printers.
  • Pfd output files in FlexStream may be split on any condition (e.g to create separate filesper postal tray or files per set size).
  • Additional USPS presort functions including support for the USPS ® EDDM ® (Every DoorDirect Mail) mail service (free for all subscriptions types) and new address hygiene options like apartmentappend, phone append and geocoding (at an additional charge).

All users that have maintenance on the software will be eligible for a free update to the new versions. In addition, all new licenses issued in September will also be able to be updated for free to the new versions as soon as these become available.

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