FlexStream 1.3 Release Notes

07 Dec 2020

Build 33

  • Fixed an error where rotated PDF pages displayed incorrectly.
  • Corrected a problem where functions in templates with databases were not always evaluated correctly on opening the template.

Build 31/32

  • FlexStream datasources
    • Added the possibility to select a splitting character to be used for area splitting. Every areas can now be split in multiple fields, besides the splitting of (address) areas in multiple line areas.
    • Added Exhange datasource to FlexStream. This area can be used as a variable to hold the outcome of functions that result in multiple result fields.
    • Added a Field Edit button in the Datasources group on the Data tab in FlexStream.
    • Improved "All datasources" dialog. This dialog can be activated by clicking the arrow button in the right-bottom corner of the Datasources group on the Data tab and can be used to add, edit and delete datasources.
  • USPS processing
    • Added Single address validation / checking for interactive checking of individual addresses.
    • Added EPS account text to payment options. The service will automatically use the EPS account when available.
    • Cass and NCOA reports are moved to the project folder.
    • Help file updated for USPS Wizard.
  • Other improvements and additions
    • When splitting the print to PDF file, the file name is made unique and mail pieces are being kept together.
    • ZIP code formatting improved to allow for ZIP codes starting with a "0" and added separate Plus4 formatting.
    • Added Emailing in batch patch processing of FlexStream.
    • Column names starting with a number are now automatically preceded by an underscore to make the name acceptable for scripting and functions.
  • Other Fixes
    • Fixed an error with rotated scancodes that displayed incorrect.
    • Fixed an error where rotated PDF pages displayed incorrectly.
    • Linking to file groups in templates could cause the system to crash.
    • Error line indication corrected in Functions and scripting.

Build 29/30

  • Fixed an issue that caused the program to shut down when displaying a PDF page containing an image larger than the page size.
  • Fixed an error in batch processing caused by file names with multiple dots in the file name.
  • Corrected an issue where rotated scan codes in barcode format were not rotated correctly.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause pages to print black.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when Layout options (e.g. duplex, cover pages, and scaling) were changed in projects with file groups.
  • Several improvements in the USPS service:
    • Added old-style tray labels to be used for non-automation mail to USPS processing reports.
    • Corrected the minimal and maximum weight settings for updating the Mail.dat file.
    • The switch "Include NCOA drops" did not work correctly.

Build 28

  • Added the number of processed pages to the batch processing log file.
  • Fixed an issue where rotated scan codes in barcode format (2/5, Code 39, Code 128) were sized incorrectly when rotated.
  • Fixed an issue where pages of PDF-files that were both scaled and moved were printed at the wrong position.
  • Corrected a problem with making user accounts for USPS processing.

Build 27

  • Modified the licensing module to work on the newest Windows update Windows 10 - version 2004.

Build 26

  • Improved display of digital inserts on datasheet. Column is now displaying the name of the digital insert and the file name.
  • Optimized evaluation of condition for inserting Digital inserts based on set size in combination with other digital inserts in the same set.

Build 24

  • Digital inserts that are added per group, can now also be inserted at the beginning of the group.
  • Document files dialog has been made fully functional to link, append, and remove document files and set options for each file.
  • Added a hidden datasource with the contents of the scancode. Right-click in the title row on the datasheet to unhide the column if you want to make it visible on the datasheet. The Scancode datasource may be used in any object on the designer.
  • Added a hidden datasource with the page number of each page in the linked file. One of the usages could be to link pages from several input files.
  • Several improvements in the USPS service:
    • Added a tooltip showing the full description of the Cass/NCOA status code (Cass_result).
    • Added a hidden datasouce "Cass_result_description" to the datasheet. Right-click in the title row on the datasheet to unhide the column if you want to make it visible on the datasheet.
    • Mailings smaller then 200 items, but over 50 lbs can now be processed with the USPS Mail processing module.
  • Fixed an issue that caused documents not to be printed to PDF correctly when documents were both scaled and moved.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when leaving the Grouping dialog after making changes to the settings.

Build 22

  • Print quality of pdf files is improved and made faster by sending less data to the printer.
  • Pdf-files with pages of different page size are now displayed in the chosen page size. Pages that are larger then the chosen output format will be scaled and pages that are smaller will be centered on the page.
  • When saving output to a PDF-file, illegal characters in folder and filename are replaced by an underscore.
  • Fixed an issue where printed PDF-pages could be completely black or empty.
  • Resizing a PDF-file as background did not work correctly.
  • Labels were printed twice when duplex was chosen.
  • Labels did not print at all when records were queued.
  • Built in additional security against internal databases being locked by the PC when opening an existing project.

Build 20

  • Addressed an issue where backgrounds and pictures did not always display and print correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with picture cropping.
  • Fixed an issue where the resulting database after postal processing could be empty.
  • When a file with additional user defined fields is processed with the USPS or Royal Mail engine and the results are written to a new file, the new file will contain the (fixed) result from the user defined fields and the original field definitions will be removed.

Build 18

  • Fixed a problem where additional datasources added to the datasheet could be lost after running postal sortation.
  • Addressed an issue where a project could be unexpectedly locked when opening an new project.

Build 17

  • Fixed a problem with digital inserts based on set size and inserted as fist page of a document.
  • Fixed a problem where objects would appear only on the first page of a project when the projects was broken into documents and not grouped.
  • Various small fixes.

Build 16

  • Writing to PDF file produces much smaller output files.
  • Improved performance of writing to PDF.

Build 15

  • Improved capturing of document areas returning strings with correct spacing.
  • Correct displaying of documents that contain both portrait and landscape pages.
  • Additional USPS Processing features:
    • First class mailings may be as small as only 1 item.
  • Royal Mail processing now available in FlexStream over a new wizard incorporating both address validation as well as presorting.
  • Improved batch processing, including the option to process multiple output groups and archiving.
  • Small bug fixes.

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