Frequently Asked Questions and Tips
Software Usage

Here are some answers to FAQ's and tips for using the software. Please also check our videos to see if we made an video addressing your question.

Improve the quality of color image on monochrome printers
Description: Color images on a FlexMail or FlexStream design will be converted to black and white images by Windows when printed on a monochrome printer, not always giving the best possible result.
Solution: Improve the quality of the printed image by doing the following:
  • Add the color image to your design.
  • On the picture menu ribbon select Image Control and choose Grayscale.
    - or -
    You can enhance the grayscaled colors even more by using our Color Adjuments tools.

This will improve the print quality over just printing the color image.

Using multi-line text files
Description: Opening a multi-line text file requires that you convert this file first to a regular database.
Solution: To convert a multi-line text file to a database of the type you want:
  1. Select the data sheet.
  2. Select the Data Tools tab and click Convert Data in the Tools group.
  3. Click browse for the source file.
  4. Next to the file name box there is a pull down menu with file types. Change All databases (*.*) to Multi-line Text File (*.txt; *.prn).
  5. Complete the other steps of the Multi-line Text Conversion wizard.
  6. Link the database you just created with the conversion to FlexMail.
Software Technical

Below you will find a discription of various technical topics that might be helpfull when installing, using and maintaining the software.

Getting the latest version of the software
Description: Flex Systems is continuously working on improvements of the software and adding additional features. In case your are experiencing any problems when using the software or want to have access to the latest features we highly recommend to update to the latest version (build) that is available to you.
Solution: You can update your installation to the latest build of the software in 3 ways:
  1. Start the software and select File -> Options -> Check for Updates.
  2. - or -

  3. Use File Explorer to locate the folder were the software is installed and run Patcher.exe.
  4. - or -

  5. Download the latest version of the software from the Flex Systems web-site and install it over the current installation.
Entering activation code gives Error 10010
Description: During the final step of the activation of the software, error 10010 occurs and the software is not activated.
Cause: The error occurs when the Flex Systems server could not be reached. This could occur when your computer is not connected to the internet of when access is blocked due to firewall settings.
Solution: Do one of the following:
  • Connect your computer to the internet or set up your firewall so that the software has access to the Flex Systems server.
  • - Or -

  • Activate the software without internet connection as follows:
    1. Get the Site code of your installation by starting the software and following File -> Options -> Manage or Activate License.
    2. On the Flex Systems web-site click Support -> Activation.
    3. Select License Activation and enter both the Site code and Activation code and fill out the other details.
    4. Select Generate and the activation code will be emailed to you.
    5. Copy the activation code from the email into the application on the screen where you got the site code.
    6. Click Continue and the application will be licensed.
Set up your firewall
Description: Although the basic functionality of our software does not require an internet connection, some modules (e.g. USPS processing) and features (automatic updates) do. Firewalls might block our software when it tries to access our servers.
Solution: To set up your firewall to give our software access to the Flex Systems server do one of the following:
  • Add our the following applications to the firewall's allow list:
    1. FlexMail. exe and/or FlexStream.exe
    2. Patcher.exe
  • - Or -

  • Add the following sites to the list of trusted/allowed (web)sites
    1. * (Our application and patcher)
    2. * (for USPS Postal Mail processing)
    3. * (for USPS Postal Mail processing)
    If needed, open port 80 (HTTP) and port 443 (HTTPS)
Increasing the number of PDF files that can be opened in a project
Description: By default, the number of PDF files that can be opened in a project is limited to about 7.500. When you try to link more files, the application might crash. This article describes how you can increase the number of files that can be opened.
Cause: Every PDF file that is opened requires a handle to a GDI object. By default, the number GDI objects per process is limited by Windows to about 10.000. Since there are also GDI handles necessary for other tasks, the number that is availabe for opening PDF files is around 7.500.

In Windows 10, there is a theoretical limit of 65,536 GDI handles per session. However, the maximum number of GDI handles that can be opened per session is usually lower, since it is affected by available memory. In Windows 2000 there is a limit of 16,384 GDI handles per session.

There is also a default per-process limit of GDI handles. This is the setting that limits the number of PDF files that can be opened per project. To change this limit, set the following registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\GDIProcessHandleQuota

In Windows 10, this value can be set to a number between 256 and 65,536. In Windows 2000 this value can be set to a number between 256 and 16,384.

NOTE: After changing this setting, you have to Restart your computer.


Below you will find some topics covering installing and using FlexVision, FlexCapture and the Specialty Inkjet products.

Recommended IP addresses for FlexVision and HP2 Printer
Description: When you connect a FlexVision controller box, barcode readers, or the Specialty HP2 printer to the network and FlexMail or FlexStream, you are basically free to choose the IP address. However, for a stable and reliable connection we recommend you use a Class C IP adress.

Class C networks use a default subnet mask of and have 192-223 as their first octet. The address is a class C address. Its first octet is 192, which is between 192 and 223, inclusive.

For FlexVision we recommend you use:

  • Controller:
  • Camera 1:
  • Camera 2:
  • Camera 3:

For the Specialty HP2 printer we recommend you use:

  • Head 1:
  • Head 2:
  • Head 3:
  • Head 4:

For all of the above recommended IP addresses use Submask

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