Specialty Inkjet Products

A Full Range of High Quality Inkjet Equipment

With the Specialty line of inkjet product, Flex Systems offers a full range of inkjet printing and coding equipment, including inkjet printers, vacuum transport bases and conveyors, a diverter, and feeders. Specialty products provide solutions for all inline and offline mailing needs. The equipment has been build for over 20 years.

The Specialty products are of an exceptional quality at fair prices. The systems are affordable but do not compromise flexibility or reliability. All products are easy to install, operate and maintain. The Specialty line of products consist of a full range of modular components, allowing you to create a custom system that meets your needs precisely. The components can be used to build complete systems, but can also be supplied separately.


FlexMail 4.0
  • Inkjet printers

    Specialty offers both a low cost, easy to operate HP based print system as well as an affordable, high quality UV based system to print on almost any substrate.

  • Transport bases and conveyors

    Flexible vacuum transport bases in a variety of lengths and models. Both single bases and dual bases (2 transports in a single frame with split belts) are available.

    A range of conveyors in different lengths and height adjustable for the transport of mail pieces and similar products in different lengths.

  • Divert unit

    Specialty’s divert unit is developed to remove individual pieces from a continuous flow of product on a inkjet transport base.

  • Feeders

    Specialty offers a range of feeders to suit your needs, covering both friction- and shuttle feeders to handle virtually any type of product.

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